The Pill Project

I’m working on a book about the birth control pill. Please take this survey if you want to help!

It’s fun, I swear.

§ 2 Responses to The Pill Project

  • Kelly Wittenberg says:


    I read your article on the Pill in BUST magazine. Getting published in BUST is definitely worth some street cred: it’s like Ms. Magazine meets tattoos and vibrators! (I love it.)

    For years your Father has been a trusted mentor to me. I met him when I was a grad student in Film at Syracuse. In 1998 he invited me to your high school and I gave an artist lecture. I don’t remember if you were in that class, or if it was a different class your Dad was teaching there? I showed a video I made about being diagnosed with Primary Amenorrhea and being put on HRT. It’s the only film I ever made about my medical issues, but I’ve been threatening to write on the topic for years. I guess studying film and teaching have sort of gotten in the way of my book plans.

    With all the other attention grabbing items on the front cover I turned to your article on the pill first. I liked it but found it upsetting. All related discussion is a subject of concern for me–being on HRT for 26 years. I was happy to hear that it’s going to be a book because this will give you ample time and space to expand the topic. These are not new questions by any means, but I am glad to know you are bringing the issues to the forefront. I’m very curious to see what you come up with and how the book is organized, and once it’s published I hope to use it as a reference for my own research.

    Good job! Fight the good fight!

    Kelly Wittenberg
    Assistant Professor
    Communication Studies, Theatre & Cinema
    Missouri Western State University

    • Thanks so much for your message, Kelly! I unfortunately wasn’t in that class you guest spoke in but I’ll definitely keep my eye out for your work. I really appreciate the support for the article.

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